About Us

Our award winning honey is considered a superfood in 20 countries and we are proud to introduce it to the American market. This incredibly unique honey is recognized by a rich floral taste, distinct texture, and very low moisture content.


We source our honey from the remote Tian-Shan mountainous region of Kyrgyzstan. This area is distant from any agricultural and industrial activities, which makes it free of any pesticides. We also certify our suppliers by performing routine antibiotic residue and honey profile tests to guarantee that our products don’t contain any additives.


The Tian-Shan mountains are an isolated and diverse ecosystem with over 2,500 plant species. This incredible variety of plants provides the Mira Nova honey with its rare flavors and composition: sage, sweet clover, thyme, safflower, sainfoin, clover, dandelion, goldenrod, kiprei, mint, oregano, edelweiss, dog rose, barberry, currant, mountain ash, juniper, rose hip, honeysuckle, and blackberry.