eat raw honey for your health

Top 10 Health Benefits Of Raw Honey

Ekaterina Yusupova

Feeling sluggish? Just add honey to your daily diet in order to boost your energy levels. Need to maintain your blood sugar and don’t want to use artificial sweeteners? Honey to the rescue. Even Olympic athletes use honey as a natural performance enhancer. Below are ten main ways raw honey can benefit your health.

  1. Anti-Aging - honey contains antioxidants and these miracle workers help with protecting the body from cell damage, which slowing down the aging process, and even helps with heart disease prevention.
  2. Prevents Cancer – thanks to its antioxidants, honey is able to reduce the risk of some cancers.
  3. Antibacterial and Anti-fungal – honey is essential in killing off pesky bacteria and fungus.
  4. Strengthens the Immune System – say goodbye to colds because honey stimulates the production of immune cells.
  5. Probiotic – honey has a large number of friendly bacteria like lactobacilli and bifidobacterium.
  6. Helps Digestive Issues – no more acid reflux, because honey can treat the cause of peptic ulcers, triggered by the bacteria called Helicobacter pylori.
  7. Soothes a Sore Throat – a spoonful of honey will definitely soothe a sore throat, also acting as a cough suppressant.
  8. Boosts Memory – honey’s ability to absorb calcium will boost your brain’s function and prevent cellular damage and loss.
  9. Acts as a Sleep Aid – honey helps release serotonin, AKA the “happiness hormone”, which is then converted to melatonin, known for regulating sleep cycles.
  10. Increases Athletic Performance – honey is able to boost your energy levels for a longer period than other sweeteners allowing you to recover faster from intensive workouts.

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