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Make Honey Your Home Remedy For Colds This Winter

Ekaterina Yusupova

The approaching winter can be a real bummer for those of us who frequently catch colds. Dealing with a cold often times looks like going off to war: we gather supplies, wear our blankets as armor and stock our bags with a veritable collection of pharmaceutical remedies. While pharmaceuticals may be necessary sometimes, it is almost always better to try a natural home remedy first.

What if you could ditch the unnecessary ammo and find one efficient tool against these annoying colds? That’s right, soldier, there is a way to fight your cold naturally, without medicine; with good old-fashioned raw honey. Eating honey can help your immune system fight off infections without having to rely on chemicals.

Why Does Raw Honey Help With Colds?

Raw honey’s antibacterial contents inhibit microbe growth responsible for infections. Also, its antiviral properties suppress viral activity of a cold, which reduces chances of spreading your cold to others.

Many studies claim that honey is an effective cough remedy for children, especially while they are trying to sleep. For example, one study focused on giving children 0.35 oz. of honey before bedtime. Children were able to sleep more soundly, allowing their immune systems to  heal them.

Colds are better fought when our bodies are well rested and our immune system gets to eliminate infections with the help of antibodies. Instead of turning your home into a walk-in pharmacy, why not choose the natural and easy way out of a cold?

How to Use Honey to Treat and Prevent Colds

Using honey as a cold remedy is easier than rolling off a log. All you have to do is prepare yourself a drink of honey with lemon and warm water. Better yet, have a loved one make it for you!

If you are healthy and everyone around you isn’t make sure you eat one spoonful of honey in the morning, preferably with lemon. This will help you steer clear of colds and even the pesky flu.

Adding honey to very hot water or tea might not be a good idea because high temperatures reduce honey’s effectiveness by killing off its important elements. Let your tea cool off before adding honey and enjoy a cold-free winter without having to prep for war.





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