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Test If Honey Is Real To Benefit Your Health

Ekaterina Yusupova

Looking for the perfect superfood to help you get healthy and feel good? Honey is your answer; it is known for it’s healing benefits. Buying quality honey can become a “sticky” adventure as there are a lot of choices and not all choices provide you with the real honey. Fake (or counterfeit) honey does not possess all the beneficial qualities of the real raw superfood honey. Here are some simple ways to test your honey at the store or at home. 

 Stickiness Test


  • Pure Honey tends to be not so sticky if you rub it between your fingers.
  • Fake Honey is quite sticky because of the added sweeteners and additives. 

Thickness Test

  • Pure Honey is very thick, and it takes time to move from one side of the jar to the other.
  • Fake Honey is quite thin, and it moves really quickly inside the jar. It is not dense at all. 

Taste Test

  • When you taste pure honey, the sweet taste should go away quickly as you swish it in your mouth.
  • If you taste fake honey, an extensively sweet taste will remain in your mouth because it possesses added sugars and sweeteners. 

Smell/Aroma Test

  • If you have a little bit of experience, you can actually smell the aromas of pure honey and distinguish certain flowers and wild grasses. 
  • Fake Honey has no smell. There are cases when it just has an industrial, sour smell. 

Heat Test

  • When heated, pure honey caramelizes quickly but does not make any foam.
  • Fake honey forms foam and becomes bubbly when heated. This is because of the added moisture, sugars and water.

Dissolving Test

  • Pure Honey doesn't dissolve in water immediately. It dilutes if you stir it for a while.
  • Fake Honey gets dissolved very fast when you combine it with water. This happens because fake honey is made up of so many additives. 

Flame Test

  • After immersing a matchstick in pure honey, it will light up easily. 
  • If you try to detect fake honey, the matchstick will not light up easily, because fake honey has more moisture due to added ingredients.                                              

Test for Impurities

  • Pure Honey: You can see lots of impurities: dirty-looking particles, pollen and even bee body parts.
  • Fake Honey: Absence of impurities

Egg yolk Test

  • Mix pure honey with an egg yolk and you will see that the yolk will look like it is cooked
  • Fake honey has no effect on egg yolks.

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