raw honey for health benefits

Eat Real Honey For Health Benefits

Sasha Sosniak

Honey is full of health benefits for hair, eyes, and skin. Eating or supplementing with honey helps strengthen hair preventing it from falling prematurely. It helps with glaucoma and protects the quality of our vision. Honey is also great for treating acne and helping reduce wrinkles around the eyes, It is recommended that an average adult consume about 5 teaspoons of honey per day.

Many people purchase honey at the store expecting the benefits described above. However, these benefits are present only in real honey and most of what is sold in the stores is honey that is adulterated, overly processed, and full of additives.

What is Real Honey?

Real honey is honey straight from the beehive produced by bees. In its rawest form it is taken from the hive and poured through a mesh cloth to get rid of impurities such as dead bees and beeswax. Once this is done, raw honey is packaged and can be consumed.

What is Adulterated Honey?

Today, most of the United States’ honey industry is flooded with honey that is adulterated. Adulterated honey contains additives such as high fructose corn syrup, rice syrup, different types of sugar, and molasses. In fact, some honeys sold in store contain less than two percent real honey!

Real honey is more expensive to produce and according to the Food Safety Magazine “with companies concerned about the bottom line, the temptation to cheat (and sell adulterated honey) is considerable, and unfortunately, the adulteration of honey is a serious economic and regulatory problem. As usual, the losers are the consumers and the processor or re-processor seeking to provide a wholesome product that meets regulatory standards.” The reality we live in is that over 70 percent of all honey sold in the US is adulterated and and is hard to distinguish from the real thing due to lack of labeling regulations.

A lot of commercial bee keepers taint honey even prior to its production. They feed bees high fructose corn syrup instead of allowing bees to naturally feed on pollen and flower nectar. Feeding on pollen and flower nectar helps keep the bees’ immune systems healthy. Instead, the bees are given inferior, less nutritions food so they end up producing honey that is inferior and less nutritious. This is cheaper for the manufacturer, yet the quality of the honey suffers.

Additionally, when honey is imported it is often processed and pasteurized (include link to the raw vs. pasteurized article) to make sure it preserves its look and does not crystallize or spoil. Processing and pasteurization kills much of the amino acids, minerals and a range of vitamins and enzymes that are present in raw honey.

So, a lot of products sold with the label “honey” or “honey blend” are actually products that are only made of honey in small part. They have little resemblance to the real thing. These products may be a good sweetener but they are not the magical food full of health benefits honey is known to be.

How to Ensure Honey Benefits Your Health

If you want to benefit from real honey’s many incredible qualities, your best bet is to purchase raw, local options. Always check the label and read the ingredients; they should read- raw honey. Check out our selection at Miranova Foods. 

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