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Eat Raw Not Pasteurized Honey For Your Health

Sasha Sosniak

With so many products and so much information right at our fingertips, our society is quickly evolving. Many of us are reading labels and getting educated about what is in our food. This is a change; 15-20 years ago the only label many of us Westerners cared about was the “Fat Free” label.

Today, conscious consumerism is trending; we want to know where a product is made, what it is made with, and what benefits it has before making the purchase. Thank goodness for this trend as it allows us all to slow down and make an educated decision about what we put in our bodies.

When it comes to honey, there’s a lot of noise out there about what kind of honey is best and safest. At Miranova, we care about you and what you purchase, so we wanted to give you an overview about why we are choosing to share raw honey with our customers. There are so many options when buying honey: local, organic, clover, golden, and premium are just some of the labels you will see. One of the most significant distinctions within the honey industry is whether the honey is raw or pasteurized.

What is Raw Honey?

Raw honey is described as honey straight from the beehive. Raw honey is taken from the hive and poured through a mesh cloth to get rid of impurities such as dead bees and beeswax. Once this is done, raw honey is packaged and can be consumed.


Raw Honey Health Benefits

Raw honey is not heated or processed, so many important nutrients survive. According to healthline.com there are over 22 amino acids, 31 minerals and a range of vitamins and enzymes that are present in raw honey. These include powerful anti-oxidants which help reduce the risk of cancer, general inflammation and heart disease.

A number of scientific studies show that raw honey benefits include its ability to lower triglycerides(1), suppress cough in children(2), promote burn and wound healing(3), and aid with digestion(4).

Additionally, many people find health benefits when replacing sugar with raw honey. 

What is Pasteurized Honey?

Honey is pasteurized by heating raw honey to about 71C (160F) for around 30 minutes. The process slightly differs in temperature and duration depending on the manufacturer’s preference. This type of treatment with heat destroys microorganisms, bacteria and yeast present within raw honey. It also reduces product crystallization.

Pasteurized Honey Benefits

Because pasteurized honey appears less crystallized, some manufacturers think it looks more presentable on store shelves. Additionally, pasteurization makes for a longer shelf life, so this can also be attractive to those selling the product as they won’t incur as much food waste.

With any raw products, there is concern about the possibility of bad bacteria being present in the product, so some people chose to buy pasteurized honey. 

Why We Love Raw Honey

Raw honey is full of beneficial nutrients that are killed during the pasteurization process. We believe in preserving the health benefits of local honey and sharing raw honey with our customers. We do recommend that it isn’t consumed by pregnant women and children who are less than 12 months old.

Overall, due to raw honey’s many holistic healing properties, making it part of your daily diet is an act of health, wellness and healing.


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