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For Best Health Benefits, Eat Honey With Low Water Content

Ekaterina Yusupova

Have you ever wondered if you’re purchasing “good” honey? If you are wanting to reap all the amazing benefits of this superfood, look for honey with a low water content.

Why Low Water Content?

As it turns out, too much water is detrimental to honey quality. Many experts claim that good honey should be processed at less than 20% water content. So, what exactly happens if the amount of water goes over 20%? Most likely, it will lead to fermentation, because honey contains wild yeast. How? Believe it or not, there is yeast within the nectar. 

There’s no reason to worry, though. Honey has a high concentration of sugar that will stand in the way of unwanted fermentation. But the key here is to have low levels of water in it. You may be thinking: “A little fermentation never hurt anyone.” Well, that depends. If your honey ferments during prolonged storage, you may be dealing with higher acidity which will ultimately affect honey’s quality. It will also change its taste and aroma.

What To Watch Out For

Many beekeepers nowadays choose to pasteurize their honey to make sure they avoid fermentation. Pasteurization also happens to kill most of the beneficial minerals and enzymes in honey, making it lose it's beneficial qualities.

Most large manufacturers also try to keep water percentage at about 20-23%, which is too risky, because it’s close to going over the allowed limit. They do this in part to save money whilst also ruining the honey, its taste, and its healing properties.

How To Purchase and Take Care of Your Honey

Set yourself up for success and purchase raw honey with low water content. You can store honey at room temperature and it will keep for about 3 months. If you’re planning on storing honey longer, keep it in your fridge or freezer, where it can be kept at below 50 degrees. These steps will help your honey keep its authentic flavor and incredible health benefits.

Mira Nova honey has a water content that varies between 13%-16%. We aim to offer high quality honey, with a delicious flavor and plenty of benefits for your health.



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